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My internet is not working right now..don't know why, but hopefully it will work again soon. I am using the internet at my parents for the time being.
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Age: 20
How many years between you: 10 months
How long have you been together: 1yr 7months
How long did you know each other before you got together: 3 months
Eye color: green
Hair color: dark brown
How did you meet: we worked at Olive Garden together
How serious is it: very, we live together and I love him and he loves me
Does he love you: yes definitly
Do your parents like him/her: they love him!
Do you trust him: with my life
Would you share a toothbrush with him: yes, we probably have already
Does he let you wear his pants: I've played dress up in them before
Do you have a shirt of theirs to sleep in that smells like him: yes, a whole floor full
Can you picture having kids with him: yes, he would make a great father
What do you like the most about him: Hes the best! He loves me and He'd do anything for me
What bothers you the most about him: He doesn't do dishes
Does he have a temper: Sometimes, if he hasn't eaten that day
What is the best present he's ever given you: the shirt he gave me for christmas and the puppy he is going to give me for my birthday!!
Do they have a cute nickname for you: pumpkin tits
Do you have a nickname for them: william
Are you happy to be with them: always
Do you think you could do better: no one's better than him
What's their most attractive feature: his eyes and his legs and his stomache...i like them all i can't choose just one
Do they smoke or do drugs: nope, not anymore
Do they have any piercings/tattoos: penis, j/k
Do they have any scars that you know of: yup, leg scars, arm scars, hand scars, back scars. They are skateboarding battle wounds.
Is he a party guy or homebody: a little bit of both. He's social and likes to go out, but he can also enjoy a romantic night at home curled up beside me
Is he outgoing or shy: Outgoing. VERY outgoing.

Thats my baby!!
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